Making Kids Safer at School With Newly Available Funds

  • Establish learning environments that enhance learning skills
  • Improve instructional practices for developing relationship-building skills
  1. Engage students, families, educators, staff, and community organizations in the selection and implementation of strategies and interventions to create safe, inclusive and supportive learning environments.
    Perhaps the most important thing for schools and districts to realize is that they are not alone in this process of redesigning education. A key priority for them is creating conditions for mutually trusting relationships with local communities, caregivers, and other school staff themselves. BELE resources that can support this goal include guidance on how school boards and families can have productive interactions despite heightened tensions and inviting community members to discuss the merits of social emotional learning (SEL) in school. Learn more with EAs 4 and 5.
  2. Design and implement policies and practices that advance equity and are responsive to underserved students, protect student rights, and demonstrate respect for student dignity and potential.
    This is what all of this work ultimately boils down to: using redesigned strategies and community input to design and implement practices that create a better student experience. Take the example of math classrooms: who gets to be a math person? Stronger, more equitable policies can expand the definition of “math person” to fit students who might not traditionally fit that mold. Another useful BELE resource is our ongoing series of Learning Briefs, the first of which explores critical insights from equity initiatives in BELE partner districts. Of course, districts and county offices are not alone. They can learn from the examples of other districts, such as Columbus City Schools, and adapt successful policies that are known to work elsewhere. Refer to EA 7 for more information.



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The BELE Network

The BELE Network


We are committed to creating learning environments that equitably support every student — especially students of color and low-income students.