Mobilizing Resources to Advance Excellence and Equity for All Students

What’s “resource equity”?

Now, we get that “equity” is a challenging and confusing word these days. It’s been used in so many contexts that it’s become one of those words that means something different to everyone.

A moment for deep, sustainable change

This shift from talking about “equity” to “resource equity” feels important in this moment. As Dr. Irvin Scott at the Harvard Graduate School of Education points out in his piece about Being an Equity Detective, equity conversations about race and identity are an important start, but they’re not enough.

Doable starting points to advance resource equity

While district leaders might not be able to address the staffing shortage for every single school and every single classroom in their district this fall, they can build the foundation for excellence starting with the students who were most disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. For example, district leaders can prioritize filling vacancies in the highest needs schools and classrooms, supporting the many novice teachers in these schools, and finding new and creative ways to ensure that students who need the most help have support from expert teachers and additional time and tutoring.

Taking action to mobilize resources

In partnership with Education Trust, we developed a Resource Equity toolkit for district leaders looking to mobilize resources to create equitable experiences and outcomes for students. Use these tools to start conversations, create shared understandings, and build action plans together. The work — and the positive impact — can start today.

  • Use our free diagnostic tools to help you assess the current state of resource equity in your district and prioritize which dimensions to tackle first.
  • Check out our 10 resource equity guidebooks that dive into each dimension to help you explore the possible root causes of challenges in your district and choose promising actions based on students’ distinct needs.



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The BELE Network

The BELE Network


We are committed to creating learning environments that equitably support every student — especially students of color and low-income students.